Professional Fees

There is a simple pricing model and quotations are provided and agreed before we start. I will give clear guidelines on how long you may need to see me. Of course the length of time you may need my help depends on how long you have had the symptoms or how severe the condition. Remember, they are guidelines.

Fee Structure:

Set fees for Homeopathy and CEASE Therapy

Fee per session of The Extra Lesson

Remedies given to you during your Homeopathy and CEASE Therapy session are usually included.

The only exception will be for a CEASE Therapy Remedy that is particular to your history and needs ordering individually. (Rare!)

Orthomolecular support will be advised on an individual basis and needs to be purchased separately.

Homeopathy   /  CEASE THERAPY

First Consultation – 1-2 Hours

Adult £55.00                       (Under 16’s £45.00)

Follow-up Consultation

£35.00                                 (Under 16’s £25.00)

These costs include all Remedies and support between appointments.

First Aid Remedy for existing Client - £10

There will be an initial (free) 15 minute Consultation to assess whether CEASE Therapy is the appropriate treatment. A questionnaire is required for full understanding of the case.

Invoiceable time begins when I have received all the requested information from the Client and we are in agreement for me to begin. An in-depth analysis is necessary, from the information given by the Client, before treatment can begin.

I will ask the Client to read information about other people’s experiences with CEASE and make themselves familiar with the treatment process. Books are available for loan.


The Extra Lesson

Initial Assessment £30.00 – One hour.

If it is assessed that The Extra Lesson is suitable then an appointment will be offered at £25.00 per session. Each session usually takes up to an hour. There is a commitment to allowing the process of The Extra Lesson enough time to show progress. The Sessions follow a format of 6 weeks ‘On’ – 6 weeks ‘Off

If booking 3 sessions together there is a reduced rate of £63.00
Consideration will be given for School activities and holidays.
After a period of six months, re-assessment will take place.


How this works in practice…….

Using a combination of my therapies to suit your requirements? After the initial Consultation we can agree a plan of action together and work out what is best for you!

Some health schemes will refund my fees for homeopathic consultations (see the Alliance of Registered Homeopaths website for details)