CEASE Therapy

CEASE therapy was developed by Dutch physician Tinus Smits who was looking for a way to help children with development issues..

Please see the updated CEASE website for further details about this branch of Homoeopathy.

CEASE utilizes several holistic elements to form a systematic approach that helps people detox from physical and energetic blockages while bringing balance to the mind and body. The elements used in CEASE are:

Inspiring Homeopathy

A modern form of classical homeopathy developed by Dr. Smits to treat universal human problems. Some themes uncovered by Dr. Smits include: want of self-confidence, lack of love or self-love, not being grounded in the body, lack of protection, old traumas, etc.


The use of pathogenic substances that have been prepared in homeopathic potencies. 

Orthomolecular Medicine

Nutritional supplements in therapeutic doses to nourish the brain and restore proper intestinal function. In my practice, I have found enormous benefit from adding Minerals, probiotics and enzymes to the traditional vitamin C, magnesium, zinc and the fish oil recommended by Dr. Smits.


Give your child the best nutrition available, such as fresh organic foods. Avoid packaged meals and snacks. By doing this you will prevent further toxicity from heavy metals, pesticides, flavour enhancers like MSG, artificial sweeteners, colour additives, GMOs, preservatives and other waste products.

In addition to the above four tenets developed by Dr. Smits I have had wonderful success in my practice helping numerous children with developmental issues, by adding additional elements. Since each child is unique, not all of these may be used. As part of a thorough intake process, I work with parents to help determine what additional elements would bring benefit to their child. Some of the items that are considered include:

The Extra Lesson
This is an assessment and, if considered appropriate, an individually targeted programme for the child (or Adult!) alongside other treatments. It was developed by Audrey McAllen in the UK, over 60 years ago, and is based on the holistic developmental perspective of Rudolf Steiner’s philosophy of education. Through simple exercises using movement, co-ordination, speech, drawing and painting the students Senses are rebuilt and a new sense of Self Esteem is established. Each session will take up to an hour and needs to be undertaken on a weekly basis - on a six week ‘on’ six week ‘off’ schedule. Re-assessment is repeated after six months. This is a commitment, not only from myself as a Practitioner but also from both the child to be treated and their family – to ensure continuity and an outcome that is beneficial for all.

Several studies have found support for probiotics in helping to reduce gastrointestinal issues, reduce the D-arabinitol in the urine of children with developmental issues, improved allergies as well as behaviour and improved digestion by aiding in the repair of the gut lining.

Recent information suggests that probiotics also help the body to detoxify. The American Academy of Paediatrics’ states that 90% of methylmercury is excreted through the bile in faeces and scientist believe that with a large number of probiotic bacteria, mercury can effectively be driven towards expulsion and prevent any recycling of toxic mercury.



CEASE Therapy is a well researched and individualised treatment protocol that integrates the best homeopathic approaches as an overlay to the detoxification process. The benefits of CEASE Therapy include:

- Individualised treatment plan specific to each person
- Custom-made remedy packets specific to each person
- Resolution of digestive and gut-related issues
- Improvement of brain function
- Profound, deep-healing effect, physically, emotionally and mentally
- CEASE Protocol addresses causes, not just symptoms, including damage caused by outside causes
- CEASE Protocol heals traumas of physical, emotional and chemical exposure

"Thank you for being so calm and patient. For not judging, having a sense of humour and caring."   - Client, Nottingham