My Background

If you choose to come and see me I will be asking you all sorts of personal questions. So I think it’s only fair I tell you something about me.

Although born and raised in the Midlands I lived away from the UK for 12 of my adult years – travelling and working around the world, 7 of those years in the Middle East where I had my 2 children – spending in total 18 years working in the busy Retail Sector. It was during these years of traveling that I had become ill myself and started on a long search for better health.  In 2004 I returned to the UK to establish my children in school and formalise my Homeopathic training. I have been a qualified Homeopath since 2008; attaining my Licentiate after the requisite four year Course at The Homeopathic College, Birmingham.

Homeopathy changed my life. Simple as that. It gave me back my health, my vitality, my hope. I am absolutely positive that without the remedies prescribed for me and the support of my Homeopath, through many crises, I wouldn’t be the person I am today.

I am so passionate about the help Homeopathy can give people. For me it is a real pleasure to guide people back to a level of health they had forgotten they ever had.

I have since had the good fortune, through exposure to my Children’s Steiner Education, to witness the enormous help that Development of the Senses (The Extra Lesson ) can give to children and Adults who struggle with aspects of their lives. I am now able to pass these lessons on to my clients alongside Homeopathy. A fantastic combination of Therapies to get people back on the correct track in their lives.

I had a busy Clinical Practice in Nottingham for 5 years but made the decision to relocate our family to Sidmouth in 2014. I still can’t believe we are lucky enough to live in such a wonderful place!