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Treatment from your Doctor or Dentist.

Prescription Medicines
Homeopathic remedies do not interfere with conventional medicines. Your treatment is confidential, but please maintain contact with your doctor, and DO NOT stop taking medication suddenly. 

Please tell me about all medication you use, including: prescription drugs; painkillers; cough or cold cures; skin treatments; treatments for thrush, cold sores or warts; laxatives; herbal creams; supplements. This helps me monitor your treatment. You need not do without any medicine that is prescribed for you and helping your situation.

It is possible that while taking homeopathic medicines, you may experience a reduced need for conventional medicine.  However I will never suggest that you should reduce or stop taking a prescribed medication. This is strictly for you and your doctor to decide.

Dental Treatment. 
Dental treatment is essential and should never be delayed because of receiving homeopathic medicines. Dental treatment does sometimes disturb homeopathic treatment.  And Homeopathy can significantly help you while you are having Dental Treatment. Please let me know.

Other Therapy:

Natural therapies e.g. osteopathy, acupuncture, Bowen, Herbal Medicine may also sometimes affect your treatment. I am in full support of you finding whatever help is needed for your recovery to increased energy and health.