Thoughts from Colleagues and clients

"Lindsay did a period of clinical practice at my Nottingham Clinic and was a joy to have at consultations, offering as she did valuable suggestions and making a really worthwhile input which both I and our patients really appreciated."  Michael Pook BA (Hons), Dip Ed, DO, CNHC, DI Hom, R Hom, MARH

"I would have no hesitation in recommending Lindsay as a homeopath. I have worked with Lindsay both as clinic owner and used her services personally.   In my opinion Lindsay has a high degree of professionalism, ability and skill as a homeopath." H.P West Bridgford

‘Tomas had been very angry for a few years now. It made home life very difficult. And now he had stopped going to school. Because he got angry with the other children and sometimes the teachers, too. He could not learn his lessons. He just wanted to be on his own and play his games. I was scared for his little sister and my mother’s cat – that he would hurt them.We came to see the Homeopath (Lindsay) and we asked for her help. We came for four months and now I have my boy back. Tomas laughs again and he is going back to school. He is no longer angry. I Thank you for your help. Vojtech B. (Notts)
I had been dreading my 50's - having seen my mother suffer with ten years of dreadful menopause. Depression, pain and loss of confidence. Then hair loss and weight gain and forgetfulness. Ending in an emergency hysterectomy. I always wondered if i would be the same.. I started experiencing the most excruciating and paralysing heat - i had to stop going to certain social outings, it was so embarrassing. I was lucky enough to be introduced to Lindsay last year. She has worked with me over the last 10 months and I am relieved to say that the hot flushes have largely gone. I'm not sure if they will return but I know where to go for help - one of the main differences is my levels of energy. Huge change. I feel like I can conquer the world again!I only wish my Mother could have had the same help. Felicity S. 
It was my wife's idea that I go to a Homeopath about my tinnitus. I was a bit skeptical but needn't have been. Lindsay's been great and the tinnitus has gone. TR Sidmouth. 
Every year I go on holiday (to a hotter climate) my feet start swelling as soon as I get on the plane. This is followed by weeks of misery as they blister and are painful to walk on. I saw Lindsay for the first time before my holiday last year and they improved a great deal. But this year was the real test. I had a pain free two weeks in Italy - no swelling, no itchiness and no blisters! Very pleased and very impressed. Thanks. Colin M
' I believe Churchill called it the 'black dog' ? There are lots of different medical terms for depression, anxiety, nerves, phobias, sadness. I started feeling like i couldn't cope about 16 years ago. Many factors contributed to my state of mind and then my physical health which seemed to deteriorate at the same time.. I managed to avoid anti-depressants. Not from any moral high ground but i just felt i would be able to cope less if i took them? Some days were so bad that i really felt I couldn't continue with life. Black, horrible days.  I asked for help from many different experts and some did give me help, some limited and some insightful. The best help i ever got was from an enlightened GP. When he listened to my story he said ' You are not clinically depressed. You have just had a crap life' Funnily enough this was enough to keep me going. Having this acknowledgment gave me the push to look for more help. Then I found my Homeopath (Lindsay) and slowly life changed. I spent a few hours with her during that first appointment and gave her the outline of my life. I really didn't mean to let go but it was as though the floodgates had opened. That first batch of tablets she gave me was amazing. It felt as though a huge weight had been lifted off my head. Literally. My headaches started to lessen and i could see things more clearly. I went back to see her about 4 times that first year. I wouldn't say that each time the improvement was as dramatic - but it was steady and i definitely made progress. The following year I went about the same amount of times, i think. Sometimes it was about the whole of me (my life so far) and sometimes it was about specific problems. An operation, menstrual difficulties and then shingles. One of the best things about finding her was that each time I went back i didn't have to go through it all again. Explaining myself. She had heard me the first time and understood. She also encouraged me to find whatever I needed to make me feel better. It wasn't just all about Homeopathy. Eventually my strength got better and i was able to take part in exercise classes and started swimming again. Lindsay put me in touch with someone who helped me with what I eat. I have been a client now for 5 years. Lindsay helped me in ways that are difficult to put into words. I will always be amazed that she came into my life at the right time. I am a different person now. I am in control of my life and I love life once again.. Since Lindsay moved away I have continued to be a client - but we talk by phone now. And I only need help occasionally. BN - Nottingham